Technology: Construction supervision and network administration

Before starting a project, DSC carries out an on-site inspection or has them carried out. This evaluates the current state of the existing building distribution system (network level 4). The result will be presented to the respective client with a detailed descriptions and document photos. Proposals for further action, based on the results of the on-site visit and an in-depth discussion, will set the future premises for a future multimedia infrastructure.

In addition, DSC not only offers the execution of quotes or tenders, but also ensures – as part of the construction supervision – that the contractually agreed services of the network operators are also fully implemented.

At the request of the client DSC manages the project for the connection to the infrastructure of the network operator and takes over the coordination of all necessary measures, including the acceptance testing of the multimedia in-house equipment. This includes regular project meetings and visual inspections and the commissioning by the network operator.

The construction supervision service can be extended to include network management. Network management services range from the inquiry for the establishment of the network level 4, the construction supervision, acceptance testing and support for the final transfer to the client. It is also possible, to have DSC rebuild or modernized the in-house networks.

DSC also takes over the financing and offers the possibility of subsequent sale to the client and / or leasing to an operator over the life of the contractual period. Thus, it is possible to elegantly solve legal or tax problems for the respective company.

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