Energy supply and metering point services

Starting with an independent analysis of the current situation of energy purchasing and the existing technical equipment which results in optimization proposals, DSC Dietmar Schickel Consulting supports various companies in the housing industry in the development of alternative business models to usually cheaper conditions for supplying their tenants with electricity, heating / cooling and hot water.

The demand for alternatives in the energy supply, future requirements in the observance of the law on the measuring point operation and data communication within intelligent energy networks (Meßstellenbetriebsgesetz – MsbG) pose further challenges for the housing industry.

For the first time many housing companies have the possibility for the improvement of the status quo due to the new regulations of the law for the equipment for measuring points with modern devices and intelligent measuring systems, and the possibility for a free choice of the measuring point operator,

DSC experience in quotes and tenders in the media supply assists us in our energy and measuring station services.

These business areas are developing at an enormous pace due to the convergence of intelligent measurement systems, energy-related data communication with smart meter gateways and general developments in data communication.

Jürgen Dill is available for you as the new division manager for energy. With his experience as a long-time executive with a strong focus on the implementation of renewable energy projects for the German housing industry, Jürgen Dill has been advising various companies since 2011 and is constantly on the lookout for affordable yet sustainable energy supply solutions.

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Jürgen Dill