Broadband expansion

As a consulting company based in Berlin, we advise municipalities, municipal utilities and housing associations on their strategies and expansion plans in the field of telecommunications and media supply.

Our experts in the media and telecommunications sector have many years of experience in the planning, operation and successful economical implementation of broadband projects in both telecommunications companies, as well as, municipal utilities and cable network providers.

Responsible for broadband expansion is Werner Rapp, who most recently spent 17 years as the Managing Director of HLkomm Telekommunikationsgesellschaft, which was a subsidiary of the municipal utility of the city of Leipzig.

Werner Rapp has over 25 years of executive experience in strategy development, sales, product development and operation of telecommunications companies, in particular broadband expansion. He is a founding member and board member of the BUGLAS (Federal Association for Fiber Optic Suppliers e.V., in Bonn).


  • We advise in a technology neutral way municipal utilities, cities, counties and districts providers, and manufacturers.
  • We advise municipal utilities in the areas of strategy, business planning, sales, and processes.
  • In subsidized broadband expansion projects, we offer the complete portfolio of consulting and planning services in accordance with the current guidelines for promoting and supporting broadband expansion in Germany and its Federal States.

Your contact person

Dipl.-Ing., MBA Werner Rapp