Digital Community Management

Comprehensive consulting makes it possible to optimally adjust the future digital offers of a housing association to its customers and the entire community. Starting from the analysis to conception and implementation, our consultation assists in making structured decision-making processes.

Living, Life & Work 4.0

The real estate industry is like no other economic sector – designed for sustainability at a static location. Residential and commercial buildings are constructed for long term a usage, which is usually above the life expectancy of today’s decision-makers. Real estate is always an important part of people’s daily lives: living, life, work

A focal point of the consulting services of DSC Dietmar Schickel Consulting is the telecommunications and media supply within the digital sector providing improved quality of broadband internet and digital television

However, knowledge of smart grids, smart homes, e-mobility and ambient assisted living is also essential in the planning of living spaces for tomorrow’s residents.

Which technical standards are relevant today and in which direction are they developing?

Simple and understandable!

Basically, for the time being, the future digital development in the community has to be easily understandable for everyone. That sounds easy, but it is not. Key facts are, as an example, the analogue shutdown in the media sector, the effects of the German governments regulatory push for high speed internet (DigiNetzG) and further technical in-house developments (fiber optic networks).

An example in the energy sector is the installation of so-called e-chargers in the residential environment or the provisioning of an alternative sustainable energy supply. It is expected that digital innovations are making things easier for tenants and landlords, and in a few years’ time will be among the standards of everyday life.

Workshops and comprehensive analyzes are very helpful as a basis for decision-making when planning future communities. The planning determines the necessary conditions for the infrastructure and the necessary bandwidths and optimizes the technical implementation. A wealth of meaningful information that simplifies the operational implementation.

Consultation is a necessity!

A consulting service by industry experts is therefore advisable. Our consulting services include analysis, contract optimization, and quotes or tenders. Practice-oriented know-how and experience in the respective business fields are the decisive elements for the realization of a successful consulting. Our services include fast-paced standards, as well as, individually developed solutions.

We analyze with you the status quo of your digital supply and develop with you a common vision of a future community.

We leave no rock unturned and know many years of experience the possible pitfalls. Our compensation model is based on the broker principle and is free for the housing associations and housing administrations.

Our fees are transparent for all parties involved based on the closing of individual orders / contracts or on request for agreed fees by the client. You choose how we can support you!