Business idea

After 25 years as a managing director of a national cable network operator, Dietmar Schickel founded as a freelancer the company DSC Dietmar Schickel Consulting on January 1st 2014 to offer consulting and marketing services. It became very quickly clear that the demand for consulting services was less required in the areas of marketing & sales for the real estate companies but rather in the area of their future media supply.

As the business developed it become necessary for a clear differentiation in the provision of consulting services for municipal, and cooperative versus private companies, home owner associations, their administrations and their developers and investors.

Strong expansion after only one year

With the clear realization that a comprehensive consulting service would only be possible with the special respective know-how, DSC was expanded with the addition of four other partners, who successfully made the first expansion of the company possible through their expertise.

At the same time, the relocation to the new office facility at the Kronprinzendamm 15 in Berlin-Halensee took place in September 2015.


The next stage of development with a total of 12 partners, former managing directors and executives with comprehensive telecommunications, media and energy know-how and / or housing background, is now in place.

Structural change into DSC Dietmar Schickel Consulting GmbH & Co.KG from an individual company took place on the 1st  of January 2018